Lake Benton Lake

It's no wonder Lake Benton Lake is so well known. This famous lake has an area of 2,875 acres, making it the sixth largest lake in southern Minnesota. Fishermen from throughout the upper Midwest come the year around to catch game fish, including walleye, northern pike, and large mouth bass. Pan fishermen enjoy catching beautiful yellow perch, crappies, bluegills, and bullheads. 

Fishermen can be seen daily on the lake, in their boats and shore fishing, as they enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of a pleasant summer day. In the winter a "little town" appears as the ice fishermen arrive with their unique houses. The aeration system, maintained by our local Sportsmen's Club, prevents winter-kill of fish. The fertility of this prairie lake provides the nutrients needed to produce fish that area above average in size and numbers. Many trophy walleye that are caught range from eight to twelve pounds. Walleye weighing two to four pounds are common. Many perch are over one pound and many exceed two pounds in size. 

The DNR stocks the lake with more than two million walleye fry every two years. This is in addition to those produced in th elake itself.

Fishermen aren't the only ones who enjoy the lake. Boating and water skiing are always popular in the summertime. Swimmers gather at the beaches for a day in the sun. In the winter, for a cure of the winter-blues, snowmobiling is a fun sport. 

The Lake Benton Lake Association is continually involved in projects to improve the water quality of the lake. They realize that a good lake is not only an asset to the residents who live on the lake, but it is also nan economical asset to the local economy as well.