Lake Benton Lake Association

About Us

The Lake Benton Lake Association (LBLA) is proud to preserve Lake Benton's history, heritage, natural beauty and environment and to promote the use and enjoyment of the lake for all. As we work together with the local communities, the Lincoln County commissioners, the Lincoln County Environmental office and the Minnesota DNR, we strive to keep Lake Benton lake weed free. We continue to monitor the health and ecosystem of the lake and to combat invasive weeds like the curly leaf pond weed. In conection with weed treatment, the LBLA has implemented a pan-fish stocking program in hopes of promoting more "Family fishing fun". Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help protect the beauty and charm of the Lake Benton lake by becoming members of the LBLA. 

Our 4th Annual Pork Sandwich Fund Raiser and Membership drive will be held Saturday, June 30, 2018 at the Stoney Point Campground. The fundraiser is held indoors, so plan to attend rain or shine! Please watch for further information as it becomes available. 

Contact Information: 

LBLA / P.O. Box 193 / Lake Benton, MN 56149. 

President: Sam Hedge at

Vice President: Dean Lueck at lesliedean!